Much more than just a source of nitrogen!

Leiber Brewers’ Yeast extracts are perfect for the fermentation industry, one of the fastest-growing fields of application within biotechnology. Leiber Brewers’ Yeast extracts improve the fermentation rate of a wide range of microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, algae and numerous other production organisms, because they are an important source of assimilable nitrogen and they also contain B vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.


But Leiber Brewers’ Yeast extracts are much more than just a source of nitrogen. Thanks to their unique properties, they make a valuable contribution towards sustainable biotechnological production in a vast range of categories: pharmaceutical products, food products, enzymes for detergents, bioethanol, precursor products for the textile and plastics industry and fine chemicals – everywhere you look, fermentation is gaining in both economic and ecological significance.


In this process, microorganisms play a leading role as microscopic biofactories. Through their complex metabolic processes, they can turn renewable raw materials into products that have lasting value for humans, animals and the environment. It is therefore all the more important to provide an extensive and balanced source of nutrients that enables these microorganisms to multiply – such as Leiber Brewers’ Yeast extracts.

Fields of application

Leiber Brewers’ Yeast extracts have a wide range of possible uses: they are rich in growth-promoting components, such as free amino acids, peptides, vitamins and nucleotides, as well as valuable minerals and trace elements. This makes them indispensable for modern biotechnology.

Starter cultures / Probiotics
The market is growing rapidly.
With Leiber Brewers’ Yeast extracts, you
can grow with it.

Leiber Brewers’ Yeast extracts are good for growth! Firstly, they improve the viability, vitality and productivity of numerous microorganisms and serve as an excellent source of biological nitrogen, as well as various vitamins and minerals. Secondly, they provide a perfect way to profit from the rising demand for starter cultures and probiotics in the long term. The rapidly growing market for starter cultures and probiotics – i.e. primarily bacteria and yeast strains – calls for ever-greater fermentation capacity. To ensure that production is economically viable and sustainable, two essential requirements must be met:

  • Fast, high-quality and reproducible production of active biomass
  • Biomass that remains highly robust during further stages of the process, for example, freeze-drying and storage, so that the cells remain active and viable.


Leiber Brewers’ Yeast extracts meet both of these requirements.

Industrial biotechnology
Think big! Leiber Brewers’ Yeast guarantees
viability on an industrial scale.

Leiber Brewers’ Yeast extracts offer a balanced range of biomolecules and protective substances which, owing to their origins in beer production, are perfect for improving the viability of production organisms in industrial fermentation – even under the typically extreme conditions.

The benefits are clear to see: when producing organic acids, alcohols and enzymes, and in many other microbial production processes, the conditions for the microorganism are often very harsh, meaning that the target result is limited by the survivability of the microorganisms. In this respect, Leiber Brewers’ Yeast extracts offer a valid and safe alternative.

Why Leiber deserves your trust.

High-quality raw materials, with precise, assured and, above all, reproducible quality – Leiber products have been successfully meeting the stringent requirements of biopharmaceutical manufacturers for years. From antibiotics to vaccines to polypeptide hormones – with its high-quality yeast extracts, Leiber supports biotechnology companies in the development of innovative solutions for supporting people’s health. The high concentration of free amino acids and freely available assimilable nitrogen, as well as the balanced components of vitamins, growth factors, nucleotides and minerals, make Leiber products an indispensable tool for the manufacture of these important health products.

Green biotechnology and agriculture
Back to our roots, with a modern twist.

Leiber’s NutrYEA range, with high levels of available nitrogen in the form of free amino acids, as well as a high proportion of vitamin B complex, is our answer to the pressing questions on the market.
From algae production to supporting the health of crops and ornamental plants – we can offer solutions in every field for supporting plant health or promoting stress resistance (e.g. drought stress), for use as a functional source of amino acids in biostimulants, for seed coatings or for controlling apple scab. With the Leiber NutrYEA range, we’re offering a line of brand-new, sustainable solutions.

Traditional fermentation:
food and drinks.
Learning from yesterday to improve tomorrow.

Traditionally fermented food and drinks are becoming increasingly popular, with a good third of food products on our supermarket shelves produced using this process. However, this is a challenging production process. The long production times, complexity of the metabolism processes and natural fluctuations of the basic raw materials stand in the way of the need for productivity, sensory characteristics and stability of the end products. Leiber Brewers’ Yeast extracts are an excellent alternative. They successfully help to shorten production times, while simultaneously ensuring the stability of the processes and the quality standards of the product in the long term.


Some of our products have unique properties and make a valuable contribution in a wide range of functions.

High cell viability

High cell viability

Healthy cells for a healthy business
Leiber Brewers’ Yeast products help to boost cell health with their special properties and cellular protective substances. After all, the survivability of microorganisms plays a crucial role, especially in the production of probiotics and starter cultures.

High cell division rates and growth rates

High cell division rates and growth rates

Nice & quick!
Because Leiber Brewers’ Yeast extracts are rich in free amino acids and small peptides, they enable nitrogenous compounds to be absorbed quickly, thereby ensuring a rapid increase in cell concentration.

High product formation rates

High product formation rates

The products’ success speaks for itself!
The superbly balanced raw material components of Leiber’s Brewers’ Yeast extracts meet the complex requirements of the production organisms and therefore ensure a successful production process. Leiber Brewers’ Yeast extracts provide an extensive and continuous supply of the essential components, thereby securing a high level of product and biomass concentration.

High level of temperature stability

High level of temperature stability

They can really take the heat!
Leiber Brewers’ Yeast extracts are rich in B vitamins and amino acids. Internal studies have shown that, in spite of a significant temperature influence (sterilisation of the liquid raw materials), the vitamins remain almost completely unchanged in terms of form and concentration.


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