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Healthy, natural and maybe even vegan – Leiber has all the application solutions you need to successfully cater to the latest nutrition trends! Owing to changes in dietary habits, there is rising demand for healthy food products made with natural ingredients. In particular, plant-based ingredients, e.g. for vegan and vegetarian food products, are increasingly used and are becoming more widely accepted. Leiber’s yeast product portfolio includes inactive dry yeast, as well as yeast extracts with selected, specific taste profiles and innovative, functional properties.

Fields of application

Leiber’s product portfolio includes:


  • Yeast extracts with specific taste profiles for applications in the following areas:
    brothy, meaty, cheesy, roasted, umami, savoury
  • Yeast extracts with functional properties relating to:
    creaminess, masking off-tastes, rounding out a taste, enhancing specific tastes, alternatives to process flavourings, optimising textures
  • Alternative solutions for allergenic ingredients, e.g. soy extract
  • Halal, kosher, GMO-free and gluten-free certified products


Our products stand out on account of their sustainability, naturalness and high quality.

Dairy products
More flavour, naturally!

From dairy drinks to ice cream, fermented cream cheese to natural cheese – with Leiber yeast extracts, you can enhance the taste experience of dairy products.


  • Improves creaminess, especially in reduced-fat dairy products, without diminishing the taste experience
  • More intense mouthfeel
  • Intensifies cheesy notes, rounds out the overall taste profile
  • Natural, mature cheese flavour for young, fresh cheese

Flavouring and seasoning compounds
Wake up your taste buds!

Leiber Brewers’ Yeast is particularly good for adding bursts of flavour to savoury foods. In addition to brothy notes, Leiber Brewers’ Yeast extracts also enable you to create or emphasise specific taste impressions.
For example, Leiber Brewers’ Yeast extracts are an excellent option for:


  • intensifying savoury notes and increasing them to create a taste explosion;
  • reproducing a specific taste, e.g. a seafood taste, or even specifically sharpening the tangy, fresh notes of citrus fruits;
  • suppressing bitter notes or masking unpleasant taste impressions;
  • adding a powerful umami flavour and therefore also improving the overall taste impression of the product;
  • replacing meat or beef extracts or seasoning – even making it vegan;
  • providing a natural source of protein for the production of process flavourings.

Soups & stocks and sauces & dressings
The perfect flavour for every occasion!

Soups & stocks and sauces & dressings… The variety of recipes out there is huge – but so is the range of possible uses for the Leiber Brewers’ Yeast extracts:


  • Create the perfect base for soups & stocks and sauces & dressings;
  • Refine specific notes;
  • Emphasise specific meaty notes;
  • Create tasty meals with a natural umami flavour;
  • Intensify the character of dark sauces;
  • Reduce the salt content without diminishing the taste experience;
  • Give food products a lasting and intense flavour;
  • Swap meat and bone extracts for vegan and vegetarian products.

Meat and seafood products
You can’t get a more typical taste than this!

They refine the product’s typical flavour and create a characteristic, balanced taste experience: Leiber’s special yeast extracts for meat and seafood products, with specific taste profiles such as meaty (food type: beef, pork and chicken), savoury, roasted and umami.


  • Improve the texture and taste of meat products
  • Add a natural umami flavour
  • Optimise the meaty character in a targeted way
  • Emphasise specific meaty notes
  • Mask warmed-over flavours (WOF)
  • Round out fish and seafood taste profiles in a targeted way with specific yeast extracts

Ready meals
Ready. Steady. Yum!

Convenience or quality? Why not both? Nowadays, consumers expect the same high quality from ready meals as they do from their diet in general. For example, they expect manufacturers to work with natural ingredients (clean label), provide a range of distinctive, characteristic taste profiles (e.g. world food) and use healthy, plant-based raw materials (vegan/vegetarian products).

With Leiber’s innovative, functional yeast products for ready meals, you can…


  • optimise creaminess in fat-reduced products;
  • emphasise flavours for cheesy and savoury taste profiles;
  • ensure lasting taste intensity in meals prepared in the microwave;
  • mask ‘warmed-over flavours’ (WOF);
  • preserve flavour during application processes (e. g. keeping food warm) in the food service industry.

Vegan & vegetarian products
Plant-based and delicious!

More and more consumers are opting for a vegetarian or even a vegan diet. In keeping with this trend, Leiber Brewers’ Yeast extracts offer a wide range of flavouring options. They form a key component of vegan and vegetarian meat-substitute products and are indispensable when it comes to producing fish and cheese alternatives.

Leiber Brewers’ Yeast extracts offer solutions for…


  • masking unwanted taste profiles of plant-based proteins, e.g. earthy, beany, grassy or bitter;
  • reproducing typically meaty and roasted notes, from ‘cooked’ to ‘barbecued’;
  • giving cheese alternatives the required cheesy flavour;
  • giving food products a lasting umami flavour;
  • generally developing the required flavour;
  • improving the nutritional profile.


Some of our products have unique properties and make a valuable contribution in a wide range of functions.



Improved mouthfeel without any extra additives.
More creaminess and a considerably improved mouthfeel, without any additives that would have to be labelled with E numbers – that’s what you’ll find in Leiber’s range of special yeast extract products. Especially in low-fat dairy products, the unflavoured Leiber yeast extracts are an excellent option for meeting these requirements without affecting the product’s original flavour.



A feast for the eyes, too!
Leiber offers special Brewers’ Yeast extracts that can achieve various colouring effects, ranging from brownish to dark brown depending on the dosage. These colouring yeast extracts are natural foods, making them an ideal alternative to E150 additives. After all, the clean label trend in the food industry is stronger than ever and replacing E number additives with natural E number-free alternatives also extends to the use of colourings.

Taste effects

Taste effects

Say hello to a real all-rounder!
What will you be doing today? Intensifying a general taste, masking or intensifying specific taste profiles, highlighting individual taste components in a mixture or simply improving the mouthfeel? Leiber offers a multi-functional ingredient with a wide range of possible uses which leaves nothing to be desired.

Taste profiles

Taste profiles

Natural variety for customised applications.
Leiber Brewers’ Yeast extracts can be used in a variety of ways, particularly in piquant foods, to achieve or emphasise specific taste impressions in the product. This makes them ideal for customised solutions. They are suitable for a range of taste profiles including the well-known umami and brothy notes, piquant, meaty and meaty-roasted taste profiles and typical BBQ notes.



Off-tastes – no thanks!
Leiber Brewers’ Yeast extracts can be used to suppress specific, unpleasant flavours, such as earthy, beany or bitter notes, as well as unwanted flavour peaks, such as sour, astringent or metallic notes. The resulting balanced taste profile prevents any excessive dosages of flavourings or seasoning and ultimately increases consumer acceptance of these products.

Salt reduction

Salt reduction

Less is more!
Reduced salt content in food is generally considered to be healthy, but it does of course affect the taste experience. Leiber offers special Brewers’ Yeast extracts that enable you to reduce salt content without altering the taste profile or functionality of the product. There are also other special yeast extracts that enable you to intensify the salty flavour or to mask the unwanted off-tastes of salt substitutes.



The perfect bite!
Leiber yeast extracts provide some fantastic options for improving the texture of a food product. For example, they can give a Vienna sausage the firm yet elastic consistency and the juicy taste that consumers love.

The texture also determines the appearance, feel and taste of the food product, and therefore plays a critical role in securing consumer acceptance of the product.

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