Leiber Brewers’ Yeast products and beta-glucan – real all-rounders.

Wherever you look – the global Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) market is calling for products with a real and relevant ‘functional benefit’. With Leiber Brewers’ Yeast products, you can successfully tap into this market!
Leiber Brewers’ Yeast products have a wide range of possible uses, making them the perfect basis for versatile product concepts. The health benefits of Brewers’ Yeast have been known in various civilisations for a long time: for example, as a source of valuable B vitamins and a range of organically bound minerals with excellent bioavailability.


Leiber Brewers’ Yeast products enable you to make use of multi-prebiotic effects, such as the immunostimulating effect of beta-glucan or the fundamental positive impact of Brewers’ Yeast on skin, nails and hair.

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