For successful rearing and fattening and also for profitable milk production – inactivated Leiber Brewers’ Yeast® offers considerable advantages for ruminant feeding. Both our products for mineral, concentrated and special feeds as well as our ready-to-use products for use in the TMR are characterised not only by their favourable effects on health and productivity, but also by their exceptional processing and storage properties.

Product range
Healthy animals for sustainable management

Leiber YeaFi®

Positive effects on health and performance.

Leiber YeaFi® – the brewers’ yeast bound to functional fibres is the classic among the Leiber Brewers’ Yeast products. Leiber YeaFi® combination products have proven their value in ruminant feed since the 1960s. To this day, the Leiber YeaFi® product range has had demonstrably positive effects on the health and performance of livestock. The unique composition and structure of Leiber YeaFi® products guarantee exceptional processing and storage properties and optimal efficacy in the rumen and gut. Valuable ingredients like amino acids, B vitamins, trace elements and minerals are preserved by means of gentle drying. Leiber YeaFi® consists of real brewers’ yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), which is bound to a functional fibre carrier in a gentle drying process. In addition, we have always only processed by-products from breweries and the food industry for our Leiber YeaFi® product range. In that respect, sustainability has been part of our DNA from the start


Leiber YeaFi® for ruminants:

  • Prebiotic and dietetic effects thanks to the ideal brewers’ yeast-fibre combination
  • Stabilises rumen and gut health
  • Relieves the metabolism
  • Provides important nutrients like B vitamins and trace elements
  • Positive effects on milk yield and quality
  • Increases profitability


Technical advantages:

  • High acceptance due to the structure and tasty fibre carriers
  • Easy handling, dosing and storage
  • Well suited as a ready-to-use commercial product

Particularly suitable for feeding ruminants:

Leiber YeaFi® BT: our traditional product combines the positive properties of brewers’ yeast and spent grains.

Leiber YeaFi® AB: brewers’ yeast bound to unmolassed beet pulp and apple pomace with a fruity-aromatic taste, for example for calf muesli.

Leiber YeaFi® is also available with other fibre carriers, for example malt germs or DDGS.

CeFi® pro

On the spot in no time.

Are you looking for a product with valuable active ingredients and highly bioavailable nutrients? At the same time, does it also have to promote gut health and acceptance? The answer is CeFi® pro. The gentle autolysis of yeast cells during the production of CeFi® pro leads to a kind of pre-digestion of the cell wall, allowing the valuable nutrients to escape from the cell. This makes them available much more quickly and easily during intestinal transit. The cell wall components contained have a positive impact on gut health owing to their prebiotic effect.


Advantages of CeFi® pro in ruminants:

  • Highly available cell constituents like B vitamins, amino acids, peptides and nucleotides
  • Glutathione has an antioxidant effect
  • Choline supports liver protection
  • Glutamic acid improves taste and thus acceptance
  • Yeast cell walls support gut health
  • Digestive support

Biolex® MB40

A strong bond.

Biolex® MB40 consists of the cell walls of the brewers’ yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae and is characterised by high levels of (1,3)–(1,6)-β-glucans and mannan oligosaccharides (MOS).


Advantages of Biolex® MB40 in ruminants:

  • Binds pathogens and mycotoxins
  • Has a prebiotic effect in the gastrointestinal tract
  • Stimulates the immune system and strengthens the body’s defences
  • Reduces the risk of digestive problems
  • Increases weight gain in calves and lambs

Representation of mechanisms of action Biolex® MB40

Leiber® Beta-S

The immune booster.

Leiber® Beta-S is great for the immune system of ruminants. So far, so good. But why is that exactly? Leiber® Beta-S consists of highly purified β-1,3-1,6-glucan molecules from the cell wall of brewers’ yeast (100% Saccharomyces cerevisiae). A particularly gentle process developed by Leiber detaches the beta-glucans from the cell wall complex of brewers’ yeast. The native structure of the molecules and thus their biological activity are retained much better with this special process than by using conventional processes – which means they have a correspondingly high level of efficacy.


Positive effects of Leiber® Beta-S in ruminants:

  • Stimulates the non-specific and specific immune system
  • Improves the immune competence in young animals
  • Increases the immune status of adult animals

Presentation the mode of action of Leiber® Beta-S

  1. Uptake of ß-glucans from the gut lumen via M cells and phagocytosis by macrophages (or also via dendritic cells)
  2. Activation of macrophages increases phagocytosis and the release of reactive oxygen and nitrogen radicals (oxidative burst), antimicrobial peptides and lysozyme increased combat of pathogens
  3. Release of cytokines and chemokines recruits more immune cells. Macrophages present antigenic structures to T and B cells, causing B cells to subsequently produce antibodies
  4. Activated macrophages migrate to organs of the immune system where they break down the ß-glucans into smaller fragments
  5. In the organs of the immune system (bone marrow, spleen and lymph nodes), these ß-glucan fragments and cytokines are released, activating other immune cells such as granulocytes and NK and T cells

Advantages of Leiber Brewers’ Yeast products for ruminants.

For ruminant feeding, it’s well known that you should use components that support the rumen and intestinal function. Leiber Brewers’ Yeast can make a major contribution in this regard, because it’s so much more than just a source of protein. It’s characterised by a high concentration of bioactive ingredients such as beta-glucans and mannan oligosaccharides in the cell walls. In addition, it provides valuable nutrients like free amino acids, minerals, trace elements and B-complex vitamins. Thanks to their rumen microbes, ruminants are able to synthesise proteins, fats and certain vitamins themselves. However, in high-performance or stressful phases or when the rumen function is disturbed, there is an increased need for B vitamins and other nutrients. Rations for calves and young fattening bulls must also be supplemented with vitamins and other important essential nutrients.



Leiber Brewers’ Yeast – because animal health pays off.

Only healthy animals are able to perform at their best. With Leiber Brewers’ Yeast products, you effectively support the well-being and vitality of your livestock.
Of course, you are already familiar with the most important production figures of dairy cows, for example milk yield, milk fat and milk protein content, reproductive performance and number of lactations. For successful rearing and fattening, high daily weight gains and low disease and mortality rates are particularly critical. All these parameters influence the profitability of your farm. Leiber Brewers’ Yeast products have a positive impact on the following parameters:


  • Well-being of cows, bulls and calves
  • Milk volume and its ingredients
  • Metabolism and fertility
  • Growth in rearing and fattening

Gut Health

Gut Health

If the rumen is healthy, all other parts run smoothly.

Fact: Leiber Brewers’ Yeast products are good for digestion and protect the gastrointestinal tract. Another certainty is that rumen and gut health are critical for well-being and performance. Ruminant feeding has a major impact on the pH value and microbiome in the rumen.


Thus, increased amounts of easily digestible carbohydrates with simultaneously reduced proportions of structurally effective crude fibre can induce subacute ruminal acidosis (SARA) and lead to diseases like rumen ulcers and inflammation of the rumen mucosa. Acids and toxins can then pass into the bloodstream, which can lead to the formation of liver abscesses. Laminitis, sole ulcers and ketosis are also often observed in connection with ruminal acidosis and leaky gut syndrome.
Gut health also plays a critical role in the development and subsequent performance of calves and lambs. Young animals in particular are exposed to an increased risk of diarrhoea in their first weeks of life. For successful rearing of calves with high weight gain, in addition to needs-based feeding with highly digestible ingredients, the use of prebiotics is recommended to support the immune system and stabilise gut health.


Positive effects of Leiber Brewers’ Yeast products on rumen and gut health in ruminants:

  • General stabilisation of the rumen and gut
  • Prebiotic and dietetic effects on the gastrointestinal tract
  • Increases fibre digestibility
  • Binds pathogens and mycotoxins
  • Reduces the risk of digestive problems
  • Supports the immune system in young animals



Digestion is all-important

Leiber Brewers’ Yeast products with inactivated brewers’ yeast have a significant digestion-promoting effect in ruminant feeding. That’s what makes them so valuable for maintaining the health and performance of your livestock. Digestive disorders can be caused, for example, by incorrect feeding or mycotoxins in the feed and often occur in conjunction with other diseases like ketosis, abomasal displacement, milk fever, mastitis or parasitosis. Once digestion is disrupted, ingested food is only digested inadequately, if at all. A possible consequence is loss of appetite, which can lead to total refusal to feed.

Leiber Brewers’ Yeast products stabilise the (fore-)stomach and gut health and thus promote the vitality and productivity of your livestock.


Positive effects of Leiber Brewers’ Yeast products on ruminant digestion:

  • Stabilises the rumen environment
  • Prebiotic and dietetic effects
  • Improves fibre digestibility
  • Increases the activity and synthesis capacity of rumen microbes
  • Improves nitrogen efficiency



Relief for the metabolism. And relief for your wallet.

Leiber Brewers’ Yeast products reduce the risk of metabolic disorders in ruminants and can thus increase their profitability.
This is particularly important because most functional metabolic and ruminal disorders in early lactation are subclinical, making them difficult to identify at first. The later the treatment is started, the higher are the losses due to reduced milk yield or extended days open and there is also an increased risk of secondary diseases. In the worst-case scenario, the affected animals have to be retired early.

The most serious metabolic disorders in cattle include ketosis, acidosis, milk fever (parturient paresis) and abomasal displacements. The feeding and thus the condition of the rumen have a decisive influence on metabolism and general health status. With Leiber Brewers’ Yeast products, you can effectively support the physiological metabolic processes – and thus the profitability of dairy and cattle production.


What Leiber Brewers’ Yeast products do for ruminant metabolism:

  • Support rumen metabolism and function
  • Improve fibre digestibility and dry-matter absorption
  • Reduce the risk of metabolic disorders (like SARA, mastitis, milk fever)
  • Increase profitability in dairy and cattle production

Immune System

Immune System

Bridging immunity gaps

Leiber Brewers’ Yeast products contribute to targeted immune stimulation through their yeast cell walls or beta-glucans. In this way, the immune system can react more quickly in case of an infection and fight off pathogens more effectively.


Calves are born without an active immune system. They only receive passive immunisation in the form of antibodies (immunoglobulins) when they ingest colostrum.
So-called immunity gaps can occur until the calf’s own active immunity has built up after a few weeks. This means that young animals aren’t yet adequately protected against pathogens and other environmental influences and are therefore exposed to an increased risk of disease. Even later, there can always be phases in which animals are more susceptible to infections.


How Leiber Brewers’ Yeast products stimulate the ruminant immune system:

  • have an immune-modulating effect due to the high beta-glucan content
  • promote the immune competence of young animals
  • increase overall resistance and fitness



Improved reproduction. Increased operational success.

Leiber Brewers’ Yeast products can support fertility in ruminants – especially with long-term use. In addition to prebiotic and dietary components, brewers’ yeast contains a large number of valuable nutrients and active ingredients: for example, essential amino acids, B vitamins (including folic acid) and trace elements like selenium and copper. Leiber Brewers’ Yeast products contribute to performance-based and needs-based feeding and an adequate supply of energy and nutrients, as well as an optimal body condition score and the prevention of metabolic and digestive disorders – all of which are important factors for fertility. At the same time, these are important factors for the economic success of your company.


This is how Leiber Brewers’ Yeast products promote ruminant fertility:

  • provide folic acid, selenium and other valuable nutrients and active ingredients
  • improve the general health care status
  • reduce the risk of digestive and metabolic disorders
  • support reproductive performance in the long term

Hoof health

Hoof health

Why ruminants like Leiber Brewers’ Yeast.

The inactivated brewers’ yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) in Leiber Brewers’ Yeast products naturally supplies the hooves, coat and skin with many important amino acids, B vitamins and trace elements. The supply of trace elements like copper and zinc and B vitamins like biotin is particularly important for hoof health.

And because animals can achieve top performance only with healthy hooves, it’s worthwhile supporting their hoof health with Leiber Brewers’ Yeast.


Leiber Brewers’ Yeast products. For better hoof health in ruminants:

  • Support hoof quality in the long term
  • Provide biotin and other important nutrients and active ingredients
  • Promote balance in the digestive tract

Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is your welfare too.

The use of Leiber Brewers’ Yeast in ruminant feed stabilises the rumen and gut, promotes digestive processes and enables generally more sustainable and, at the same time, more successful rearing, fattening and milk production. Why? Because only animals with an intact digestive tract and  immune system show a high level of nutrient digestibility, resistance and performance. In addition, healthy and resilient animals require fewer therapeutic measures.


What Leiber Brewers’ Yeast products do for ruminant health and welfare:

  • Stabilise the rumen and gut
  • Promote digestion
  • Relieve the metabolism
  • Improve well-being and general condition
  • Provide long-term support of fertility, hoof and udder health
  • Have positive effects on lifelong performance

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