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From Bramsche to Kaluga

Leiber group production activities are therefore concentrated on 4 sites. The headquarters, where the company’s management is located, is in Bramsche near Osnabrück in north-west German. A further site was opened just 5 km away in Engter in 2010 as part the company’s expansion. The international production facilities in Krosniewice, Poland and Kaluga Russia were opened in 2003 and 2009 respectively.


Leiber Campus
Franz-Leiber-Str. 1
49565 Bramsche

Bramsche Drying Plant

Leiber GmbH
Hafenstr. 24
49565 Bramsche

Engter Drying Plant

Leiber GmbH
Franz-Leiber-Str. 1
49565 Bramsche-Engter

Engter Extraction Plant

Leiber GmbH
Franz-Leiber-Str. 1
49565 Bramsche-Engter

Krośniewice Plant

Leiber Sp.z o.o., ul.
Łęczycka 38
99 – 340 Krośniewice

Kaluga Plant

OOO Leiber
Zernovaya, 25
248025 Kaluga

Regional sales coordinators

Dr. Pradeep P. Jayaprasad Regional Sales Coordinator
Animal Nutrition APAC
Tobias Regional Sales Coordinator
Nutrition APAC

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