Leiber® spent grains

Tasty and healthy

Leiber® spent grains are tasty for animals and are a valuable, healthy and economical feed. They are ideal as a supplement to a high-quality feed ration. Compared to cereals, spent grains are characterised by a particularly high protein content and high rumen stability of the protein. As a high-quality brewery by-product obtained as a solid residue of malt during beer production, spent grains contain the nutrients of barley in a concentrated form.

Advantages of Leiber® spent grains in feeding:

  • Stabilise digestion
  • Year-round availability
  • Good ensiling ability


The protein-rich and tasty feed is healthy, valuable and economical and is ideal for feeding cattle and pigs:


  • Ideal in high-starch rations with an emphasis on corn silage
  • For GMO-free feeding
  • Saving on expensive protein feeds
  • Partial replacement for coarse forage (e.g. if there is a shortage of feed due to drought)
  • Better mixing of the ration due to the moistening effect
  • Very good ensiling properties


Spent grains are a high-quality brewery by-product obtained as a solid residue from malt during beer production. Spent grains are very tasty and thus improve the intake of forage. In addition, protein-rich spent grains provide a high proportion of rumen-stable proteins (UDP). The high protein supply in the small intestine can have a positive effect on the milk protein content.

Advantages in ruminant and pig feeding:

  • Smaller selection on the feed table
  • Improve forage intake
  • Stabilise digestion
  • Increase milk yield and fattening performance
  • Positive effect on faecal consistency (also with grass-based rations)

Leiber® spent grains – the heart of Leiber’s grains trade


Leiber® spent grains are a valuable, protein-rich feed for dairy cows, beef cattle and pigs, characterised by high palatability.


Spent grains benefit from the high standards of beer production. They are removed immediately from the beer brewing process and marketed directly as animal feed without further processing. Spent grains leave the brewery almost free of germs and are temporarily stored in grain silos before being transported away.


Their use in livestock feeding has a positive effect on animal welfare and profitability.

Advantages of Leiber® spent grains in ruminants and pigs:


  • Protein-rich food-grade feed
  • Provide a high proportion of rumen-stable proteins
  • Positive structural effect compared to concentrated feed
  • Positive effect on digestion
  • Increase milk yield


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