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Brewers’ yeast upcycling at world-market level – since 1954

Leiber refines brewers’ yeast into innovative products for humans and animals. For our customers we conduct research in our own laboratories and develop tailor-made solutions for healthy nutrition, biotechnology and agricultural applications. We reliably supply excellent products – and have been upcycling at world-market level since 1954.

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Research and development
Research and development in partnership
with production and science.

For our customers we are constantly seeking tailor-made solutions. We conduct research into extracts and nutrients that improve the flavour of food and support the health of humans and animals, as well as researching ingredients that facilitate the fermentation process in biotechnological applications. Together with our production colleagues, we work on transferring the results from our laboratories efficiently into large-scale production.


We continuously develop tried and tested products and processes, regularly expand our product portfolio. This is vital in order to retain and build our market position for sustainable products with added value for customers and the environment. Every day, our laboratories are developing products and applications and inventing and optimising processes. Time and again, our specialists in science and technology put their expertise into innovative applications, with a particular focus on brewers’ yeast as a raw material.


Networking with research facilities worldwide is just as important as interaction with the Leiber production units. We work closely with renowned Fraunhofer Society institutes and universities. Specifically, we offer students the opportunity to write their thesis on matters in our R&D departments. This way, we both support young academic talent and lay the foundations for future developments. If you have a specific research query or wish to write a thesis with us, we would love to hear from you.

Quality management
Quality from raw material to product solution.

Do you consider the quality of your products paramount? Then we have something in common. At Leiber, we plan quality into all processes and products from the very start. By keeping all our processes running reliably, we make sure that our customers always receive Leiber products at the quality level they have come to expect. Regular external audits testify that we adhere to the guaranteed standards.


Our quality management comprises all areas from purchasing and delivering new raw materials, through all production steps to the end product and the packaging. In order to keep the entire supply chain as transparent to our customers as it is to us, we ensure the traceability of all raw materials.


We use special tests and environmental analysis to monitor both the entire production chain and the operating conditions. In our own quality assurance laboratory at our Bramsche-Engter site, we can analyse samples in-house using over 80 different methods. This happens quickly and efficiently – right around the clock. Analysis that we cannot undertake ourselves is performed by accredited partner laboratories.


This high level of quality is verified several times per year. Our own specialists check whether all specifications and customer requirements are met. On top of that, our products and processes are audited and certified both internally and externally. As a result we hold the following certificates.


I. Leiber’s production processes

II. Leiber’s production processes

Innovation requires cooperation.

What problems can we solve with our knowledge? What new applications can we develop? At Leiber, we ask ourselves these questions every day – or our customers and partners ask us these same questions. Do you have innovative ideas that we can develop together? Then let’s talk.


Brewers’ yeast is our primary raw material and we have been researching and harnessing its properties for decades. This research has prompted our interest in topics like natural ingredients, immunostimulation, natural crop protection, conditioners, upcycling, the circular economy, resource-conserving production, the avoidance of antibiotics, vegan nutrition and vegetarian preparations.


We support talent and start-ups or forge strategic alliances with companies whose focus is a good fit for us. Alongside our specialist expertise, we also offer state-of-the-art production facilities and laboratories.

We are always interested in further developing good ideas and our company in a sustainable way. Interested in joining us to devise new solutions? We would love to hear from you.

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