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Wherever you look – the global Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) market is calling for products with a real and relevant ‘functional benefit’. With Leiber Brewers’ Yeast products, you can successfully tap into this market!
Leiber Brewers’ Yeast products have a wide range of possible uses, making them the perfect basis for versatile product concepts. The health benefits of Brewers’ Yeast have been known in various civilisations for a long time: for example, as a source of valuable B vitamins and a range of organically bound minerals with excellent bioavailability. Leiber Brewers’ Yeast products enable you to make use of multi-prebiotic effects, such as the immunostimulating effect of beta-glucan or the fundamental positive impact of Brewers’ Yeast on skin, nails and hair.

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Low dosage – big effect!
Interyeast® Vital and Yestimun® – these special products extracted from Leiber Brewers’ Yeast boost a wide range of positive functions, all of which have been proved in scientific studies. Here are a few examples:

Allergies and autoimmune diseases

Allergies and autoimmune diseases

Yestimun® has an immunomodulatory effect. This means that, compared to immunostimulating agents, Yestimun® is not dosage-dependent and therefore cannot cause an overreaction in the body. Leiber Brewers’ Yeast beta-glucan helps to balance the T helper cells TH1 and TH2, which enables the immune system to identify and eliminate infectious microorganisms.

Anti-inflammatory effect

Anti-inflammatory effect

Yestimun® improves the body’s immune response as a whole.
The docking of Yestimun® onto certain scavenger cell (macrophage) receptors sets the secretion of anti-inflammatory messenger substances (cytokines) in motion. This consequently leads to an immune response tailored to specific bacterial or viral pathogens

Antioxidative cell protection

Antioxidant cell protection

Yestimun® supports the body’s native antioxidative protection systems. The expression of antioxidative enzymes and the increase in their cellular activity can prevent the occurrence of diseases and slow down ageing processes caused by free radicals.

Anti-stress & mood improvement

Anti-Stress & Mood Improvement

Physical or mental stress leads to the increased release of stress hormones. Studies show that the body is able to cope with stress better when beta-1,3/1,6-glucan is taken regularly. It has been proved that Yestimun® is able to contribute not only to physical, but also to emotional, well-being.

Beauty effects

Beauty effects

Yestimun® contributes to the maintenance of beauty. By supporting the body’s native antioxidative protection system, Brewers’ Yeast beta-glucan protects the body against free radicals and counteracts premature skin ageing.


Common colds

Yestimun® can prevent colds. If infection has already taken place, taking Brewers’ Yeast beta-glucan also alleviates the symptoms of the cold and significantly shortens the duration of the illness.

Immune system modulation

Immune system modulation

The natural, highly-purified Brewers’ Yeast beta-glucan Yestimun® stimulates the immune cells in the intestine to trigger a non-specific or also a specific immune response that activates the so-called scavenger cells (macrophages) in the Peyer’s patches. These scavenger cells begin with the destruction of pathogens and activate further defence cells such as B- and T-cells or dendritic cells, for instance. Yestimun® therefore strengthens the immune system and prepares it so that it can respond quickly in the event of an infection.

By supporting the white blood cells, Yestimun® contributes extensively to combating bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites that cause illnesses.

Improving lactation

Improving lactation

Lactation cookies are already a well-known tool in both America and in Asia, used to stimulate or maintain milk flow in breastfeeding mothers. Interyeast® Vital Brewers’ Yeast is a key ingredient in the recipe.

Vitamin & protein fortification

Vitamin & protein fortification

Interyeast® Vital Brewers’ Yeast is characterised by a high concentration of vitamin B, natural minerals and a high protein content. As a dietary supplement, it supports the entire organism and boosts the body’s resistance, vitality and performance.

muscle growth / sports

Muscle growth / sports

YeaProt® Sanus is ideal for sports products thanks to its good amino acid profile.


Essential amino acids cannot be synthesised by the body itself and should be supplied through the diet. A complete amino acid profile is important for protein biosynthesis, i.e. for building and maintaining muscle mass, skin and hair. The EAA value (essential amino acids) of YeaProt® Sanus is 45% and the BCAA value (branched-chain amino acids) is 21%. This provides the body with an optimum supply for building muscle mass.

keeping seniors fit / Maintaining muscle mass

Keeping seniors fit / Maintaining muscle mass

For eldery people an increased daily protein intake is recommended to maintain a healthy general condition. YeaProt® Sanus can contribute to a good supply thanks to its good amino acid profile and the associated high levels of essential amino acids (EAA value of 45%). The presence of a balanced amino acid profile is important for the maintenance of muscle mass.

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