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ABN and Leiber join Forces on European Brewers´ Yeast Market

Photo from left to right: Rafael Pérez Abejón (ABN Director of Operations), Christian Stork-Bohmann (Leiber CBDO), Lucas Mazzini Vázquez (ABN Production Manager), Lourdes Fernández-Abellán Sancho (ABN Supply Chain Manager), Gilbert Klausmeyer (Leiber CEO), Bernd Schmidt-Ankum (Leiber CEO), Oliver Beckmann (Leiber COO), Helge Jakubowski (Leiber CSO), César Pérez Abejón (ABN CEO)


The Spanish Aplicaciones Biologicas a la Nutricion S.L. (ABN) and the German Leiber GmbH are joining forces on the European Market for food and feed products derived from brewers´ yeast. While ABN, founded in 2000, employs some 50 specialists, Leiber has built up a team of some 250 staff since its founding in 1954. Both family-owned companies specialize in products and ingredients for the food and animal nutrition industries. Both run production and R&D facilities, and emphasize the sustainable approach of their products and processes.


‘We’re delighted to have found a partner who will enable us to further innovate and broaden our offer of high quality products for the European Market,’ says Cesar Perez Abejon, Managing Director of ABN. ‘We’ll continue to distribute our products under the well established brand name of ABN and keep all our colleagues on board. We are looking forward to a closer cooperation with our long standing partners of Leiber.’


‘The close cooperation of Leiber with ABN will open up many synergies, more than just the sum of its parts. By joining forces, we´ll be able to broaden our services level and portfolio towards the brewing industry as well as our customers on the European market. With our joint capacities it will be easier for us to offer innovate products not only for feed and food but also for biotechnology and neutraceuticals,’ says Bernd Schmidt Ankum, CEO of Leiber GmbH. ‘We’ll both gain with regard to efficiency, innovation and logistical management.


ABN is a key player on the European yeast market, focusing on Spain and Portugal. With own R&D and production sites ABN products offer high quality solutions for the food and animal nutrition sectors. Founded in 2000, the company is run by the second generation of the family owners. More about ABN


Leiber refines brewers’ yeast into innovative products for humans and animals. For our customers we conduct research in our own laboratories and develop tailor-made solutions for healthy nutrition, biotechnology and agricultural applications. We reliably supply excellent products – and have been upcycling at world-market level since 1954.

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